West Virginia Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses

2018-2020 WVSPAN Board of Directors Announcement

Posted about 1 year ago by Crystal Chapman

Hello WVSPAN Members,

I am pleased to announce the start of my term as your president! My name is Crystal Chapman and I reside in Morgan County in the Eastern Panhandle, and work in Martinsburg, Berkeley County. I have been a member of WVSPAN for the last four years, serving as your Vice-President / President-Elect for the last two years beside Casey Lindsey. Casey, will now act in the capacity of Past President, did an amazing job in bringing WVSPAN back up to par. I want to personally thank her for her continued dedication and support that gave WVSPAN a new life. If it were not for her leadership, who knows where we would be? Truly - a heartfelt “thank you”, Casey!
I also want to introduce you to Jessica Lawrence who works in Morgantown, and will now be your Vice-President / President- Elect for the upcoming years of 2018-2020. Our secretary is Marcia Hendrickson, here in the Eastern Panhandle, who has dedicated herself for another term as our meticulous record-keeper. Sheila Palmer - always providing us with the most up-to-date numbers in our finances - will continue as treasurer. We also have Carol Laing, Paula Fotta and Raquel Evans on the Board as Members-at-Large completing a fantastic team this year - all of us with the goal of making WVSPAN as successful and effective an organization as possible.

We surely want to hear from all of you -our members! What do you want to see WVSPAN do this year? Do you want more educational offerings and events? Certification information? How can we support you? Do you know about our website thru the Nursing network? Please check us out: www.wvspan.com.

We will have monthly conference calls whereby we want to help not only extend our membership, but include any and all plans and discussions They will be on the third Wednesday of the month from 7-8 pm. Anyone is welcome to participate? You will receive a phone number and code to call in about 3 days before the meeting. We want to hear from you, so please join us.

I am truly honored to serve you as your WVSPAN 2018-2020 President.

Crystal Chapman, RN, BSN, CAPA